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Katie Lindsay

1.  Do you feel the drawing year gave you a solid skill-set?  Please explain.

Yes, definitely.  The instructors here @ LAAFA have given me a variety of ways to break down what I’m seeing and translate it to my paper/canvas in a methodical way with a variety of techniques.

2.  Are you satisfied with the choice of coming to LAAFA?  Please explain.

Absolutely, the longer I am here, the more sure I become that this is exactly where I should be.  My progress has blown me away and when I talk to graduates they confirm that LAAFA was the best choice they could have made.

3.  Have you had prior college experience before enrolling at LAAFA?  What are the main differences?

I attended Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz and explored their art department, which was quite good for a junior college, but at LAAFA the classes are so intimate and the instructors really care about you personally as an artist.

4.  What advice would you give a student who is thinking about attending LAAFA?

I would tell them that they would be hard-pressed to find such an intimate and well-structured education at any other art institution.

5.  How would you say that you have grown in the first year? 

I have made massive strides in terms of my drawing skills, the way I handle the materials, and even simply in the way I see the world around me.

6.  What is the most challenging aspect of studying art in general?

I want to say that the most challenging part is the immense workload and hours that this study require, but another huge challenge is that this kind of intense study of art consumes you, it becomes your life, which is both a blessing and a challenge.

7.  You have now started your 2nd year at LAAFA, what excites you about the next year?

I’m excited to learn more about the behavior of color now that I have dived into painting.