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Matthew Durante

Have you had prior college experience before enrolling at LAAFA?
I have a B.S. from another college.  But the B.S. was B.S., i.e. a mistake, as I’ve always wanted to be an artist. Hence, LAAFA.

In what ways has LAAFA helped you grow as an artist/designer?
LAAFA has been fundamental to my growth, no question.  I came here with no training and I’m going to leave here with the skills and foundation to make it happen, in time.  This is due to the excellent teachers that have taught here over the course of my three years.  I shudder to think where I’d be had I gone to another school…  Most likely, I’d suck.

What has been your favorite LAAFA experience?
My favorite experience?  No one experience defines this place.  It is a continuum, a high-and-low flow of doing something good and interesting, a rush of seeing skills improve, the moments of confidence — and the downs, downs, downs, the piles of bad studies that are an inevitable byproduct of the struggle to be an artist.  It’s a ride, but well worth it!