1-Day Meditation for the Artist Seminar 11/21/09

Instructor: Steven Saitzyk
Sat., November 21st, 10am-5pm

The creative process is inherently contemplative and naturally benefits from meditation. Meditation enhances not only the creative process but also the viewing process in specific ways—it helps to synchronize mind and body, right and left hemispheres of the brain, and our intuitive and intellectual abilities. The mindfulness and awareness practices found in meditation lead us to rest in our senses so we can glimpse things as they are and enjoy genuine spontaneity and pure, unselfconscious, expression. They also dissolve creative blockages and reveal the source of creativity and inspiration. This one day seminar will teach meditation and offer specific contemplative exercises and activities such as non-objective brush and ink painting designed to further awaken your creative and viewing processes. Instructor: Steven Saitzyk. Adjunct Professor of Humanities and Design Sciences, Art Center College of Design. International Director of Shambhala Art, a nonprofit arts education program designed to integrate meditation into the creative process. See: www.shambhalaart.org. He has completed a Buddhist Seminary and has practiced and taught meditation internationally for more than thirty years.

If you want to register for this workshop, call 818.708.9232!

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