***Thur.-Mon., July 19th-23r 10am-5pm***

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Dan Thompson’s well-received Drawing and Painting workshop’s held here at L.A.A.F.A in the past have brought our students in Los Angeles closer to the drawing and painting methods used for centuries in an Academic setting. We are bringing him back to L.A again this time for a workshop in drawing and painting the figure. Focusing on three crucial principles of drawing and painting, this workshop will approach them from the angle of the figure, even though they are applicable in other situations. The first is how to see, paint, and design the two-dimensional shapes of the figure, in the form of a Block-In. This will necessitate many vigorous starts, with short, dynamic poses. Secondly, the issue of color will be discussed and then organized in additional short posed, Light Key studies, to convey the relationship of colors to their overall lighting conditions. Finally, when longer poses can be organized, one will be challenged to combine the logic of the previous exercises, building up to modeling in color, with the shapes as the initial guide. It is at this point that structure can be emphasized and discussed, along with relevant anatomical knowledge. The final paintings should serve as study aids, for future reference.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Rey Bustos
300 Ecorche Sculptural Anatomy

Mathew Riggs
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sherrie Mcgraw
5-Day Painting with a Concept

Rick Morris
210 Fundamentals of Painting
112 Figure Construction Drawing

William Rodgers
142A Intro to Academic Figure Drawing in Graphite
260AB Academic Long Pose Painting

Sang Bang
250A Contemporary Head & Figure Painting

Evan Peelle
220 Head Painting

Eric Merrell
230 Landscape/Plein Air Painting

Aaron Westerberg
226AB Figure Painting in Natural Light
124 Beginning Figure Drawing