#122 Sketching the Figure Sergio Sanchez Tues. 7pm-10pm

In this course the student will focus on the study of the head and figure through a series of gesture poses. The Instructor will offer weekly in-class lectures and drawing demonstrations. Students will be introduced to the many facets of sketching the figure; line, mass, form, edges, lighting, etc. Students will be taught a series of shorthand’s for describing the figure to read three-dimensionally. $445


#200 Intro. to Still-Life Painting with Arpi Azaryan Thur. 7pm-10pm

This class will emphasize careful observations, beautiful brush strokes, lighting to create form, control of values, color and edges. The students will learn how to form ideas instead of just painting objects. The class will offer demonstrations and individual instruction for the student who is beginning to paint in oil.$395

#266 Portrait and Figure Painting with Joseph Todorovitch Wed. 11am-5pm

We will paint a figure or portrait from life and discuss choices for setting up the pose, composition, color harmony, lighting, pacing, and bringing the painting to a decent level of resolve. We’ll also discuss the language of describing paint in order to better understand our mixtures. Joseph will demonstrate his approach by painting along with the students, to better illustrate his ideas. Previous drawing experience is highly recommended.$650


#250 Intro. To Portrait Painting A (10am-1pm)$420 B (10am-4pm)$650with Stephen Schirle

This class will focus on learning to paint a portrait from life. The Instructor will be going over composition, drawing, likeness, organizing your palette, color mixing, value, edges, and producing a completed portrait. This will consist of one and two week costumed or semi- nude poses. Students can work in any media. Instructor will be working in oil.


#255 – Atelier approach to Painting the Figure with Andrea Mosley Sun. 10am-4pm

Learning to paint from the model with emphasis on the artists improved command of gesture, proportion, block-in, control of edges, light, value, and color. A long figure pose session for all students. $650

#360 – Portrait Sculpture with David Simon Thurs. 7pm-10pm

This class will provide the student with a systematic approach to modeling a life-size portrait in clay. The use of calipers and triangulation will be emphasized in order to achieve an accurate portrait of the model. The use of photography and its application as reference for portraiture will be discussed. $445


#109 – Figure Quick Sketch with Kirk Shinmoto Wed. 7pm-10pm

The main objective of this class will be to develop a “visual vocabulary” that will allow one to quickly analyze, interpret, and depict the human form. Emphasis will also be placed on capturing the “life” and individuality of the subject. Students will develop an overall “process” for quickly analyzing and breaking down the complex forms of the body, gain a sensitivity to movement and rhythms found throughout the body, understand the major forms of the body and how they work together as whole, and to build a “visual vocabulary” used to rapidly and efficiently develop ideas. $420


#230 – Landscape/Plein Air Painting with Eric Merrell Sat. 9am-1pm
With the great California outdoors as inspiration, students focus on learning to duplicate the exact light of day, interpret the landscape into meaningful shapes and color patterns, and how to capture the essence of the world around them. Each week the class meets at a different location, with the first course meeting on campus. Please Note: You will be required to drive to various locations, and occasionally pay parking fees and park fees as part of this course. $375


#072B – Costumed Figure Workshop Uninstructed Sun. 10am-3:30pm $200($150 students)
In this uninstructed workshop we will have a costumed model. With a different theme each week.

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