This 3 hour DVD documents a day in David Jon Kassan’s Brooklyn studio as he develops a charcoal study. For more info :

This 3 hour DVD documents a day in David Jon Kassan’s Brooklyn studio as he develops a charcoal study of Henry Williams Oelkers. Follow along as David vocalizes his complete thought process and approach as he develops this drawing. The essence of this DVD is developing an understanding of how to translate and interpret what we see into drawings that capture the subtle character, emotion and insights into the model’s personality.

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The Weatherly Guide to Drawing Animals
By Joe Weatherly

Passion For Life
By Stephen Silver

The Language of Drawing From an Artist’s Viewpoint
By Sherrie McGraw

The Art and Feel of Making it Real: Gesture Drawing for the Animation and Entertainment Industry
By Mark McDonnell

Figure Drawing Demonstrations Step-By-Step
By Glenn V. Vilppu

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A collection of David Colman’s watercolor doodles offered exclusively for the iPhone. Carry this array of David’s watercolor sketches wherever you go. From animals to people, these sketches are full of life and personality. You can now see the personal work of this character designer all at your fingertips.

The Affaire in the Gardens Art Show in Beverly Hills is May 15 and 16 from 10am-6pm. over 200 artists. For info go to:

3-Day Artist as Brand Workshop-Greg Spalenka, 5/21-5/23/10 from 10am-8pm at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art.

Are you ready to embrace a new paradigm in art empowerment and prosperity? Then its time to think differently. What do Michelangelo, Ralph Lauren, Geogia O’Keeffe, Andy Warhol, Clint Eastwood, Auguste Rodin, Kelloggs, Sting, Frida Kahlo, Toyota, Picasso, Damien Hirst, Mark Ryden, Annie Leibovitz, Henry Moore, Greenpeace, Maxfield Parrish, Ray Bradbury, Joseph Beuys, and Elizabeth Taylor, all have in common?
They are all brands.
A brand is a purpose transformed into a product or service that connects to people, the planet, and beyond. The key word here is purpose, and specifically your purpose. This is where the heart of your essence resides, where your most potent art manifests, and the strength of your perseverance matures. The purpose inside you aligned with your personal vision is the foundation of your creative power. When your heart is joined with your art, a vital one of kind signature is formed. This brand is unique to you and your intimate product.
Art is a product and selling art is a business. Embracing these two fundamental truths will bring clarity to your career if you desire financial independence.
The Artist as Brand Workshop is a culmination of heart wisdom and entrepreneurial knowledge designed to empower independence and prosperity.

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Come participate in the Venice Art Walk and Art Auction to help raise money for the Venice Family Clinic!

Art walk your way through 50+ artists studios and special exhibits, find that special piece of fine art for your home in the 400-piece silent art auction, sample creations from great Westside restaurants, and more.

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Sketchbook Project: Sign up and you will be given for $18 a sketchbook to fill for the Brooklyn Art Library display.For more info