At first, learning to paint must include painting things well. Most painters feel they have succeeded in this quest when they can paint the subject convincingly. However, though painting images can be captivating, any thinking person might ask if there is something more than this technical proficiency. When an image compels you to return again and again to examine it, the underlying reason is the concept. Rather than seeing each object as a separate entity, concept establishes a relationship between objects, making something that is greater than the individual parts. This underlying visual message creates a beauty beyond subject matter and is the real reason behind the painting. Abstract visual ideas are less personal and more universal creating a more compelling and sublime painting. The only requirement for this class is a desire to learn.

Instructor: Sherrie McGraw

Day: Wed.-Sun., Dec. 10th-14th
Time: 10am-5pm
Cost: $795
Duration: 5 Days
Hours: 30

If you would like to register for this workshop, call 818.708.9232. Must register before Nov 26th.

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