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Art dealing 101

Even though we don’t know the exact point in history when art dealing was invented, we do know that by the Italian Renaissance (1300s-1600s, respectively), there were already vendors acting as middlemen between collectors and artists. The origins can, however, be traced to Giovanni Battista della Palla who is said to have sold work by […]

LAAFA in the Spotlight at CAC Gold Medal Exhibition

Once again, LAAFA shined at the 108th Annual Gold Medal Exhibition held by the California Art Club. This year brought an array of diverse artworks as well as a handful of LAAFA affiliated artists – Rohini Sen, Nikita Budkov, Adam Matano, Andrea Mosley, Rodolfo Rivademar, and Leon Okun. This year, the CAC returns to the […]

3 Artist Who Are Redefining Marble

In the history of art, marble has always signified something we call, “High Art.” Famous artists such as Michelangelo, Bernini, and Brancusi, masterfully used marble to create works of art that have literally made me cry in person (It was Michelangelo’s David (1501-4), if you must know). I was entranced by the beauty and smoothness of how […]

Pee-Chee Folders re-imagined as victims of police violence

Remember those Pee-Chee folders you’d stuff your math notes in? And how they usually depicted young high school students playing sports or doing other school related activities? I vaguely remember them, but I bet it brings back memories for many Americans growing up in public school systems. These Pee-Chee folders were first produced in 1943 and […]

valley girl redefined

The “valley girl,” like the Valley itself, cannot be contained in a stereotype. However, it can be argued that any Valley Girl’s sense of self has been informed by the cinematic ideal imposed on them. In fact, with little effort one can see that the “valley girl” has left an indelible mark on the global […]

The World’s Rarest colors

Judging by the title, you might begin to wonder what kind of pigments could possibly be as rare? Let me introduce you to Forbes Pigment Collection that is housed under the greater umbrella of the Harvard Art Museum.   The collection began  in the early 20th century by Edward Waldo Forbes, director of the Fogg […]

The Renaissance Nude

Right now at the Getty Center there is an all new exhibit titled “The Renaissance Nude”. It is no surprise that the word “nude” captures people’s attention, but the Los Angeles Times called it, “One of the 10 most engaging exhibition of the year…” The exhibit highlights the pivotal moments in which the Renaissance artists […]

The 3 Biggest Art Historical Discoveries of 2018

As 2018 closes in a few days, I think it is best that we have a look back at some of the most important art historical discoveries this year has given us.  Out of 15 of the major discoveries that we have seen so far, these are the top three that I have decided to […]

Harmonia Rosales: Black Femininity in Classical Artworks

Meet Harmonia Rosales, the Afro-Cuban American artist based in Chicago who is causing a buzz in the art world with her re-imagined classical works of art with Black Femininity. “Replacing the white male figures — the most represented— with people I believe have been the least represented can begin to recondition our minds to accept […]

LAAFA Graduate Highlights: Amaro Köberle

Meet Amaro, a Swiss born conceptual designer, illustrator, 3D artist, and recent graduate from LAAFA with a BFA in Entertainment Art. He moved to Los Angeles in 2015 after spending much of his childhood years dreaming about becoming an artist in the entertainment world.  On the event of our 2018 LAAFA Graduation and Exhibition, I asked […]

(Female Figure) 2014

The holidays have officially begun! We hope everyone’s Thanksgiving weekend was relaxing and filled with acceptable proportions of food. This week, I am here to tell you about a new artwork that Mr. Broad, aka the pimp of the contemporary art world, has acquired for this ever growing collection – Jordan Wolfson’s (Female figure), 2014. Yes, ladies […]

2018 Graduation & Exhibition

On November 10th,  LAAFA hosted the 2018 Graduation & Exhibition at the Rebecca Molayem Gallery! The exhibition featured artworks by not only the graduates, but alumni and instructors as well.   Below is the full list of all the 2018 Commencement Graduates from our programs: Over 80 artworks were displayed in the gallery, making it […]