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LAAFA – Gearing Up for Summer!

Summer is here and things are heating up at LAAFA! (Just an expression, folks – LAAFA’s classrooms are climate-controlled. ) 2012 Summer Open House Photos   On Saturday, June 2, LAAFA’s Summer Open House gave prospective and current students a chance to socialize and to enjoy demonstrations by Sharon Weaver and Vadim Zang Sharon Weaver […]

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Ecorche/3D Anatomy w/ Rey Bustos – Spray Paint & Varnish

One of the most transformational parts of Ecorche with Rey Bustos at LAAFA was spray painting the baked ecorche.  I was careful to mask the hand and foot that I wanted to remain the fleshy color of Sculpey with aluminum foil before painting.  You can see below how a light coat of off-white spray paint […]

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Ramon Hurtado’s Long Pose Figure Drawing Class at LAAFA

Ramon Hurtado is teaching a long pose figure drawing class at LAAFA this Summer. The wonderful drawings below show how Ramon works from start to finish. Following the tradition of 19th century academic drawing, the class will focus on creating long pose drawings that capture the specific character of the model. The class will combine […]

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Ecorche/3D Anatomy w/ Rey Bustos – Week 5

I can’t believe we have already reached the halfway point- week 5 in Ecorche with Rey Bustos at LAAFA!  Class number five focused largely on process, as this week’s tasks were to complete the skeletal body and “bake” the ecorche to permanently harden the Sculpey. In class, Rey demonstrated how to finish the delicate bones […]

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Ecorche/3D Anatomy w/ Rey Bustos – Week 4

Week 4 in Ecorche with Rey Bustos at LAAFA was action-packed! During the first part of class, Rey led students in bending wire to create five-pronged armatures for the right and left hands.   The design of Rey’s ecorche features a moveable left elbow joint, so we made the wire armature for the left forearm and […]

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Ecorche/3D Anatomy w/ Rey Bustos – Week 3

Students in Rey Bustos’s Ecorche class at LAAFA started week 3 by covering the wire and nails holding their ecorche upright with clay. This clay was the beginning of the ground our ecorches would come to stand on… after we took care of the small matter of sculpting the 3 bones of the lower leg […]

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May Workshops at LAAFA with Nathan Fowkes & Marshall Vandruff

On Saturday, May 19th, Nathan Fowkes has a one-day workshop – Composition: Design for Dynamic Picture-Making.  This intensive workshop will cover fundamentals of effective picture-making, creating mood and environment, and organizing complex scenes.  The workshop includes a painting demonstration by Nathan, as well as time for student painting with instructor feedback. Discover Nathan Fowkes’s impressive […]

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Ecorche/3D Anatomy w/ Rey Bustos – Week 2

  The hip-bone’s connected to the thigh-bone…. Week 2 of Rey Bustos’s Ecorche/ 3D Anatomy class at LAAFA introduced the two major bones of the lower body: the pelvis and the femur. To simplify the daunting task of rendering the pelvis in 3D, Rey started with a less-intimidating concept – a square.  Two squares, actually, […]

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Draw with Top Animators & Character Designers at LAAFA!

Ron Velasco This Spring, LAAFA is pleased to welcome an all-star drawing faculty to our extension program and workshop schedule! Ron Velasco  In Gesture Drawing for Storytelling, Ron Velasco will share his experiences in character design & concept art for projects including Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland….. Don’t miss the chance to […]

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Don’t take our word for it, listen to what Impressionist master-painter Camille Pissarro says about drawing: “It is only by drawing often, drawing everything, drawing incessantly, that one fine day you discover to your surprise that you have rendered something in its true character. – Camille Pissarro. This Spring, LAAFA offers students abundant opportunities to […]

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Help Your Artwork Spring into 3D with LAAFA’s new Spring Quarter Classes!

Does your artwork leave you feeling flat?  Pick a remedy from LAAFA’s exciting Spring Quarter schedule! LAAFA instructor Rey Bustos recommends that students seeking improved drawing and painting skills start their study of anatomy with his 3D Anatomy/ Ecorche’ class, and then follow up with his class in Drawing the Figure.  Bustos says that a […]