Nathan Fowkes is a veteran Fine Arts instructor and entertainment artist with numerous film credits and a decade long tenure at DreamWorks Feature Animation. He brings to this workshop his expertise and experience in composition for the creation of dynamic images.

The workshop will include:
· Lectures on the fundamentals of effective picture making.
· Discussions on the creation of mood and environment.
· Principles for organizing complex scenes into pleasing arrangements.
· Strategies for solving compositional problems quickly and effectively.
· Composition exploration exercises.
· Painting from a costumed model.

If you are interested or if you have any questions give us a call at 818.708.9232!


Hope to see you there!


There will be an Animal Drawing Course with Marshall Vandruff July 15th-17th from 12pm-7pm.

If you’ve ever wondered how masters of drawing can draw a horse leaping or a bear dancing without copying photographs, this crash-course is for you! It will show you how to confidently draw animals from imagination as well as to interpret what you see when drawing from real animals – those mysterious bumps on a lion’s limbs will make sense when you know the underlying structure. This course is similar to the Human Anatomy for Artists Seminar but focused on animals. We will compare various types of four-legged animals with humans, always with an emphasis on how to master form in space so they look realistic, alive, and authoritative. If you are interested in taking the workshop with Marshall Vandruff give us a call at 818.708.9232!




16926 Saticoy St
Van Nuys, CA 91406

Jon DeMartin will be teaching a 5-day Figure Drawing Workshop July 9th-July 13th at Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art! The workshop starts at 10am-5pm.The purpose of this course is to develop the student’s ability to correctly perceive the models main movements and to verify the models proportional relationships. In addition, the student will learn to correctly identify light from shadow and effectively create relief through tonal progressions in the light. The underlying goal is to give the students a good foundation so they can make the transition from drawing to painting the figure more easily and effectively. Materials and methods will be studied that pertain to certain styles of drawing. Individual needs of each student are addressed and there will be lectures and demonstrations with and without the model.

If you would like to take the workshop call us at 818.708.9232!

To see more work by Jon DeMartin check out his website!



You are cordially invited to LAAFA’s first annual Atelier student show, to be hosted by Gallery Nucleus. This is an exhibition of work created by our 1st year graduating Atelier students. We are really proud of this first group of Atelier students and the strides they have made in the year since they started here. We would love to share their work with you.

The opening reception will be Saturday January 26th from 7pm-11pm. All work on display will be for sale. Please come out and see the beautiful work and share your support!

What: Atelier Student Exhibition
Where: Gallery Nucleus
30 West Main Street
Alhambra, CA 91801
Phone: 626.458.7482

When: Saturday, January 26th – Sunday, February 3rd
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 26th from 7pm-11pm


Exhibiting Artists:
Alex Alvarado
Brandon Harris
Terry Kelly
Sergio Antonio
Eric Pedersen
Spencer Sharp


We hope to see you there!

Matt Marchant

LAAFA – Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art
16926 Saticoy Street | Van Nuys, CA 91406
Phone: 1-877-MY-LAAFA

Check out our upcoming workshops:


Sean Cheetham 5-Day Portrait Painting Workshop October 17th-21st

Sean Cheetham Portrait Painting Demo October 20th
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Nathan Fowkes “Student to Professional” October 15th

Nathan Fowkes 1-Day Color Concepts Workshop October 27th

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Jacqueline Kamin Still-Life Painting Demo September 29h
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Paul Mcormack 5-Day Watercolor Painting Thur-Mon April 17th-21st at 10am-5pm
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Jon DeMartin 5-Day Classical Figure Drawing July 9th-13th at 10am-5pm
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Dan Thompson 5-Day Figure Drawing Workshop Fri-Tue October 10th-14th, 10am-5pm

Dan Thompson Figure Drawing Demo Saturday October 11th at 6pm-10pm

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Sherrie Mcgraw 5-Day Painting With A Concept Workshop Mon.-Fri. December 10th-14th at 10am-5pm

Sherrie Mcgraw Still-Life Painting Demo Fri. December 14th, 7pm-10pm

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Marshall Vandruff 3-Day Animal Drawing Course Tue-Thur July 15th-17th at 12pm-7pm

Marshall’s Portfolio

***Thur.-Mon., July 19th-23r 10am-5pm***

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Dan Thompson’s well-received Drawing and Painting workshop’s held here at L.A.A.F.A in the past have brought our students in Los Angeles closer to the drawing and painting methods used for centuries in an Academic setting. We are bringing him back to L.A again this time for a workshop in drawing and painting the figure. Focusing on three crucial principles of drawing and painting, this workshop will approach them from the angle of the figure, even though they are applicable in other situations. The first is how to see, paint, and design the two-dimensional shapes of the figure, in the form of a Block-In. This will necessitate many vigorous starts, with short, dynamic poses. Secondly, the issue of color will be discussed and then organized in additional short posed, Light Key studies, to convey the relationship of colors to their overall lighting conditions. Finally, when longer poses can be organized, one will be challenged to combine the logic of the previous exercises, building up to modeling in color, with the shapes as the initial guide. It is at this point that structure can be emphasized and discussed, along with relevant anatomical knowledge. The final paintings should serve as study aids, for future reference.

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Rey Bustos
300 Ecorche Sculptural Anatomy

Mathew Riggs
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Sherrie Mcgraw
5-Day Painting with a Concept

Rick Morris
210 Fundamentals of Painting
112 Figure Construction Drawing

William Rodgers
142A Intro to Academic Figure Drawing in Graphite
260AB Academic Long Pose Painting

Sang Bang
250A Contemporary Head & Figure Painting

Evan Peelle
220 Head Painting

Eric Merrell
230 Landscape/Plein Air Painting

Aaron Westerberg
226AB Figure Painting in Natural Light
124 Beginning Figure Drawing