Mothers love their children. They want them to succeed. They want them to become doctors. But it seldom happens. Too often, they become artists.

Here’s a way to make it up to her. Sign up for Marshall Vandruff’s Anatomy for Artists Crash-Course. At gatherings, when people ask her what you’re studying, she can say “anatomy” and she’ll gain social points as long as she doesn’t say anything else.

Mothers also want their children to save money. Medical school costs about $200,000. This anatomy course costs $300, which is almost free. If you register by May 15, it’s $260, which is like getting paid to take it.

Sign up before May 15 and make your mother happy.

June 2-4, 7, 9-11 at the Brea Civic & Cultural Center. All evening sessions, 6-10 pm.
Go read all that info at Or register at where there’s a downloadable flyer for you to print for Mother’s day in case she’ll pay your way.

All the best,

Marshall Vandruff

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