110 – Beginning Figure Drawing
Instructor: Alex Alvarado
Sunday, 10am-1pm

This course is an introduction to the fundamental principals of sketching and drawing the human figure.Topics covered will include: Gesture drawing and the study of body movements and kinetics, the basic geometry of the human figure, the general proportions of the human head and figure, value studies and basic rendering technique. This class will start off with short 5-min poses and gradually advance to 2 1/2 hour poses.

243 – Figure Painting with Focus on Color Theory
Instructor: Sergio Sanchez
Tuesday, 2pm-6pm

A comprehensive approach to painting the human figure. Color, composition, value, edges, atmospheric perspective, and brushwork will all be discussed.

122 – Sketching the Figure (Quick Pose/Head/Figure Construction)
Instructor: Sergio SanchezTuesday, 7pm-10pm

The student will receive study in drawing the head and figure, using quick-sketch and longer pose study of the figure and head. This is a broad overview of the many aspects of drawing the figure.

143A – Academic Figure Drawing A
Instructor: Grigor ChilingarianMonday, 10am-1pm

In this course we will first focus on the structure of the human figure with proportions, anatomical landmarks, gesture, and form, all done comparatively. Then we will train our eyes to observe the rhythmical relations throughout the figure, and in the lights and shadows, which will help us further compose the figure as a solid form with atmosphere and depth. Demos will be done throughout the entire course with a different pose every week.

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