#101 – Basic Drawing Fundamentals

Instructor: Eric Pedersen
Saturday, 1pm-4pm
Cost: $350 ($250 for new comers to the school)

This course introduces the fundamentals of drawing. How to hold a charcoal pencil, simple shapes, volumes, c-curves, s-curves, straights, edges, 4-value system, thumbnails, introductory composition, light sources, core shadows, reflective lights, are all covered in this course. This is an excellent course for students with little to no formal drawing training at all, or those wanting a refresher course in the basics. Great class for beginners!

#122 – Sketching the Figure

Instructor: Sergio Sanchez
Tuesday, 7pm-10pm
Cost: $495

The student will receive study in drawing the head and figure, using quick-sketch and longer pose study of the figure and head. This is a broad overview of the many aspects of drawing the figure.

#324 – Figure Quick Sculpt

Instructor: David Simon
Tuesday, 7pm-10pm
Cost: $475

If you are a new student to sculpture, Figure Quick Sculpt is a great intro class to that material. In this setting, you will be more focused on capturing the gesture with clay.

Students are taken from three to nine-hour poses, with the emphasis being on the mass concepts of the body and breaking the figure down into geometric shapes. Gesture and Composition is the mainstay of this fast paced high-energy class. Improvement through repetition is the beauty of this course. This course is also terrific if you are having problems understanding the large masses of the body in your drawings or paintings.

If you would like to register for any of these classes, call 818.708.9232! Ask about our new student discounts!

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