Painting the Figure A (11am-2pm) and B (11am-5pm)

Instructor: Ron Lemen Tuesday

Starts Oct. 5th

This class will introduce the basic principles of figure painting with both nude and costumed models. Each pose will be 2 weeks, within the semester we will complete 5 poses. Each pose will address a different color and design challenge, from highly saturated colors, to high contrast values, north light, direct light, and of course with the costumes, how to address and keep the color control between the flesh tones, costume tones and background setting. Throughout the semester there will be several involved demonstrations showing various starting approaches, different palette configurations and different brush applications. We will also discuss the use of each brush and what the benefits of the different painting mediums are. This is a really good basics oil painting class, very little painting experience is necessary to attend.

Painting the Figure A-

Painting the Figure B-

Drawing the Figure

Instructor: Rey BustosFriday, 10am-1pm

Starts Oct. 8th

This class is a figure drawing class designed for people of all levels. From novice to pro, the need for continued practice is essential in making a more personal figurative drawing. Through thought-out and easily understood exercises, the student will more easily understand the living form of the model. After this class, the student will have the greater facility to create more easily from the imagination and will have greater confidence to edit the living model. Therefore, the student can interpret more poetically what he/she sees and make the drawing or painting more personal as a result.

You can register online at or call 818.708.9232

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