Here are some of the new classes LAAFA is offering for the Fall Quarter! We also included repeat classes that now are on a different day and/or time. Fall Quarter starts October 4th. Make sure to register before September 25th!

Sketching from Life (Starts Oct. 5th)

Instructor: Nathan Fowkes Tuesday, 7pm-10pm

Portrait Drawing (5wks) & Painting (5wks)(Starts Oct. 6th)

Instructor: Eric Pedersen Wednesday, 7pm-10pm

This advanced course is designed to teach the student more complex ideas about composition. The student will learn a process and multiple techniques for finishing a long pose drawing and painting. Within two five-week poses, the student will begin to understand basic ideas of organizing the elements of design to create a portrait with lasting effect.

Still Life Painting(Starts Oct. 14th)

Instructor: Ignat Ignatov Thursday, 7pm-10pm

This course will consist of painting demonstrations and lectures covering the important elements of painting the Still Life, such as value, color and edges, as well as composition and design. You will be painting a Still Life in a 2-week set-up and will receive individual instruction and critiques. The studio will have several Still Life stations and you will rotate and paint a different Still Life every 2 weeks.

Long Pose Figure Sculpture(Starts Oct. 6th)

Instructor: David Simon Wednesday, 6pm-10pm

This class will focus on teaching the student to accurately represent the complexities of the human form. The use of proportional systems to funnel observation into an accurate sculptural representation of the figure will be introduced. This class will stress the synthesis of anatomical knowledge and observation. Students will learn how to correctly set up an armature and will be instructed in the proper use of modeling tools. There will be one pose for the duration of the course, and students may choose to work at either a 30” or 36” scale. Oil-based clay will be used.

Approaches to Illustration(Starts Oct. 4th)

Instructor: Douglas Kirk Monday, 7pm-10pm

The focus of this course will be on exploring the field of illustration through practical work which will seek to develop the technical and creative facility required to work in the illustration field. Understanding of the history of illustration, current technical means and contemporary trends in traditional as well as new media will be covered. The role of the illustrator in published media, and therefore the purpose of illustration will be engaged. Access to a computer and appropriate software used by illustrators will be helpful but is not essential for undertaking this course where traditional media still hold an important place. Primary stress will be placed on the student developing their own creative approaches through practical work.

Long Pose Head Painting (Teen Class)(Starts Oct. 10th)

Instructor: Alexandria Douziech Sunday, 1:30pm-4:30pm

This class will focus on the structure of the head, how light hits form, how to simplify values, and color theory through a limited palette. We will be working from one live model the whole time. My hope is to introduce the students to the basic fundamentals of painting the head.

To view her Head Drawing Class for Teens, click:

Figure Drawing(Starts Oct. 9th)

Instructor: Kirk Shinmoto Saturday, 10am-1pm

This class will focus on gaining a familiarity with the human form. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the gesture and construction of the figure. Poses will range from 2 minutes to 1 hour.

Head Drawing(Starts Oct. 9th)

Instructor: Kirk Shinmoto Saturday, 2pm-5pm

This course will cover the fundamentals of drawing the head. We will cover construction, proportion, and lighting.

Still Life Painting B(Starts Oct. 10th)

Instructor: Arpi Azaryan Sunday, 10am-3:30pm

In this course we will learn to paint the still life using light, color, and edge quality to achieve a strong focal point. We will also learn to mix color, the proper use of warms and cools, and different brush techniques to achieve a natural impression of the still life.

Digital Character Design (using a Live Model & Photoshop)(Starts Oct. 7th)

Instructor: Alex Ruiz Thursday, 7pm-10pm

The focus of this course will be on digital character design, life drawing and painting using Adobe Photoshop and other digital techniques. The class also explores working with brushes and digital drawing tablets (such as those from Wacom.) with a LIVE model in the room to replicate through drawing and painting the human figure and translating it into character design for uses in film, games, and animation. Gesture, form, anatomy, will also be discussed in depth.

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