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3 Artists Who Are Redefining Marble

In the history of art, marble has always signified something we call "High Art." Famous artists such as Michelangelo, Bernini, and Brâncusi masterfully used marble to create works of art that have literally made me cry in person (it was Michelangelo's…

Pee-Chee Folders re-imagined as victims of police violence

Remember those Pee-Chee folders you'd stuff your math notes in? And how they usually depicted young high school students playing sports or doing other school related activities? I vaguely remember them, but I bet it brings back memories for…

Valley Girl Redefined

The "valley girl," like the Valley itself, cannot be contained in a stereotype. However, it can be argued that any Valley Girl's sense of self has been informed by the cinematic ideal imposed on them. In fact, with little effort one can see…


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