Summer Art Challenge.

Due to so many teens taking online classes this year, we have decided to switch it up for the Summer Art Program and offer teens a Challenge to focus on all the wonders and experiences of observing our environment “al fresco” (in the open air). These challenges are meant to build skills, confidence, self-reliance, and take originality to the next level! Perfect for teens to showcase their creativity and who want to create original sketchbook pages or include pieces in a portfolio.




Meet with instructor for live demos, inspirations, advice and your challenges for the week.


Meet with instructor for additional live demos, tips and recommendations, progress review and group Q & A session.


Meet with your instructor for communication strategies (art talk), showcasing your best work, group review, critique and much more…

WEEK 1 - The Art of Sketching | Starts July 12th

Course Description

This interactive class will give students the skills to create dynamic sketches of the world around us. Through interactive exercises and demonstrations students will learn artist-friendly perspective and construction techniques to create convincing dimensional drawings of objects and environments. Homework assignments from this class will get you outside sketching from life with confidence. Suitable for all skill levels.

Supply List

  • Hardback or spiral bound Sketchbook or drawing pad (at least 9×12)
  • HB pencil
  • Eraser
  • Pencil sharpener

WEEK 2 - Watercolor Creativity | Starts July 19th

Course Description

This class will give you all the information you need to use watercolor effectively and imaginatively. In this highly interactive class you will learn watercolor mixing and blending techniques and how to apply them to your own paintings. We will learn how to work with a limited palette to create beautiful color harmonies. Watercolor is very versatile and so we will also explore how to combine it with different media such as ink pens and white gel pens. Suitable for all skill levels.

Supply List

  • Watercolors – you can buy tubes or one of the sets recommended below – MUST INCLUDE THESE COLORS
    • Cadmium or Winsor Yellow
    • Yellow Ochre
    • Cadmium or Winsor Red
    • Alizarin Crimson
    • Dioxazine Purple
    • Ultramarine Blue
    • Black
    • Viridian or permanent Green
    • Affordable set: Compact set and brush (around $20)

Supply List

WEEK 3 - Showcasing Originality - Finding Your Voice | Starts July 26th

Course Description

This highly interactive class focuses on how to discover and showcase what makes you unique as an artist. We will explore different techniques and approaches so that you can apply them to your own projects in your own way. We will learn how to analyze artworks and use them as inspiration for our own work.  Through multimedia exercises and in-class discussions we will explore different ways to find and express your voice through your art.  Suitable for all skill levels.

Supply List

About the Instructor

Amanda Mears

Amanda Mears

Summer Challenge Instructor

Amanda has taught in the Extension Program and the Summer Art Program at LAAFA for the past 5 years. She also teaches for other local institutions and privately.

She is a favorite instructor to our younger artists. Her approach in teaching brings out the best in them with positivity, inspiration, creativity and the joy of learning.

• Studied in London at Turps Art School
• 3-Year Fine Art Certificate at LAAFA
• Master of Fine Arts degree on a full scholarship at Claremont Graduate University.