2018 Graduation & Exhibition

On November 10th,  LAAFA hosted the 2018 Graduation & Exhibition at the Rebecca Molayem Gallery! The exhibition featured artworks by not only the graduates, but alumni and instructors as well.


Below is the full list of all the 2018 Commencement Graduates from our programs:

Some of the 2018 Commencement Graduates: (Starting from Top to clock-wise) Nikita Budkov, Kevin SK Simon, Matt Jordan, Nattanapat Tanatitiyotin, and Amaro Koeberle.

Over 80 artworks were displayed in the gallery, making it the largest exhibition of artworks LAAFA has ever hosted! Of course, we owe a lot to our LAAFA director – Luke Mohatt. “I am so grateful to the many talented artists that are part of the LAAFA community,” says Luke, “they are truly who made this show spectacular, i was honored just to be a part of it.”

(From right to left) Brian Apthorp, Rohini Sen, Nikita Budkov, Holly Miller, Marty Kline, SK Simon, Crystal Nitz, Luke Mohatt, Ada Ruiz (bottom right to left), Amaro Koberle, Can Tanatitiyotin, Matt Jordan, Jean Marie Jingco, and Art Guerrero.

Can Tanatitiyotin

Matt Jordan

Nikita Budkov

SK Simon

Below are some of the featured instructor artworks that were on display at the exhibition:

Ryan Wurmser

Ron Lemen

Leon Okun

Rohini Sen

Chris Soohoo

Christina Ramos

On behalf of LAAFA, we want to thank everyone who participated in this 2018 Graduation & Exhibition! It was a such a fun and commemorating event. See you guys next year for the 2019 Graduation and Exhibition!